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New Neutrino E2 Image for Amiko

New Neutrino e2 image for 7162(alien2)
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Taken from another well known forum


7162 Golden triplex, amiko alien2 pingulux plus

Instructions E2/Neutrino flash:

In preparation, the boot loader [SPARK] to [Enigma] be changed:
- Unit at the main power switch at the rear
Appears to hold while turning the [OK] [FORC] in the display -
- Now select with the arrow key [V] now [ENIG] and confirm with [OK]
- Box flashes for a few seconds now
- Switch off when finished> Box

Flashing Enigma2/Neutrino:
- Folder [enigma2] Create a USB Stick
- Unzip and copy the files "e2jffs2.img" + "uImage" to the [enigma2] to the stick
- Stick to the unit where infected
- Hold on power, press [OK] to [FORCED] appears
- Now press the arrow key [>] for update from a USB stick> now the upload will begin to flash, as evidenced by [U LD] in the display
- The device boots then newly independent

to install a set-up wizard, comes (not suitable for Scart without telnet)
Picons, logos drinne via menu button
Oscam-ip drinne: 8888 call for webif
- Pre-configured for common card, simply activate its over webif
NTFS-recording and playback
Recording in TS format
Broadcast List

Load newest image on a USB stick to copy the 2 files in folder "enigma2"
Image install

Then I add an even that:
pressing Menu - 2 - 7 - 1 - Logo selection changed
pressing Menu - 2 - 7 - 1 - Press logo directory, to the left, now 3 selectable types of logos
pressing Menu - 2 - 7 - Red button - Select Theme

IP: 8888 enter, click on his card reader and turn active

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